Corridor H - A 2020 Vision

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Facts about Corridor H

Corridor H in West Virginia is 130 Miles long and 13 miles long in Virginia.

The highway in West Virginia is 82% complete, under construction, or contracted currently and will increase to 87% by 2018.

The road begins at I-79 and will end at the I-81 near the junction with I-66 at Front Royal, Virginia.

Front Royal Virginia has a large inland port with double stack rail service to the largest, deepest port in the Eastern United States at Norfolk.

West Virginia’s Hardwood Industry alone exported $136.8 Million internationally in 2014.

The completion of the Appalachian Development Highway System is expected to create 80,000 jobs.

Corridor H is being considered a National Defense Highway for its direct exodus route from Washington, D.C.

Corridor H was first proposed in 1964.

A commissioned economic impact study found West Virginia would Gain $1.25 billion if Corridor H is completed by 2020, in addition to the impact due to construction.

Corridor H is currently scheduled to be completed in 2036.

Virginia is scheduled to complete it’s section of Corridor H by 2025 according to the ADHS report to Congress by VDOT.

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