In 1964, Congress authorized the Appalachian Corridor System to connect Appalachia to the rest of the world with limited access four-lane highways.  Many of those corridors have now become interstate highways.  From Maine to Alabama, these roads have opened commerce to the people, businesses and mountains of Appalachia.

In West Virginia, every Corridor but one is completed - Corridor H.  Stretching 130 miles from I-79 at Weston, West Virginia it runs to the Virginia border where it is designed to travel an additional 13 miles to the I-66/I-81 junction near Front Royal, Virginia.

The highway in West Virginia is 75% complete or under construction currently and will increase to 87% by 2018.  Our vision is to see the road in the Mountain State complete by 2020.

Corridor H - A 2020 Vision

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Corridor H - A 2020 Vision

Billions of dollars of exported goods from West Virginia will have direct access to the large inland port at Front Royal, Virginia - where double-stacked container rail can then take the goods to the deepest port on the Eastern Seaboard at Norfolk. 
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